40 Reasons to be Thankful

We all have so many reasons to be thankful! Obviously I am thankful for my friends and family – they truly are world class. I’m also thankful for these two cute boxer puppies we brought home in October – Mocha & Turbo! They have brightened our lives. And finally I’m thankful for my health and the ability to continuously support my body.

I thought I would come up with a list of 40 things that I am thankful for besides the above. Then I start thinking… I don’t want to come up with 40 literal ‘things’, I am thankful for things but also for activities and places too. I picked the four following categories: places, food/drinks, things, and finally, activities.

I considered putting in other bloggers I am thankful for, but that list would be very long and I would end up leaving someone out that has influenced me. So that one is a no go. One thing I will say about this list… it is obviously NOT all-inclusive and NOT in order of importance. Happy Thanksgiving!

10 Things

  1. Phone – helps me stay connected, keeps me safe, provides convenience
  2. Bikes – all shapes and sizes. I just bought bike #8
  3. Technology that allows me to work from home – computer, software, phones –> connectivity
  4. Gas stoves – Duh!
  5. Garmin 735XT
  6. TrainerRoad & Kinetic Trainer that allows me to train inside
  7. Running shoes
  8. Vitamix – #1 essential kitchen tool
  9. Sunglasses & sunscreen
  10. Water bottles – I probably own 25 water bottles and constantly want to buy more. I love them – staying hydrated is key

10 U.S. Places

  1. Reno, Nevada – home 🙂
  2. Lake Tahoe
  3. Sedona, Arizona
  4. Grand Canyon
  5. Ozark Hills in Missouri
  6. San Francisco, California
  7. Ocean City, New Jersey
  8. Breckenridge, Colorado
  9. Park City, Utah
  10. Pain cave IE the spin room – so lucky we have room to train in our house!

10 Foods/Drinks

  1. Quality meat – Grass-fed, humanely raised beef & organic chicken
  2. Avocados
  3. Pomegranates & all other berries
  4. Latticino (Tuscan) Kale & Kale in general
  5. Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins
  6. Wine (& beer too, if I’m being honest)
  7. Coffee
  8. Sparkling water – la croix is a personal favorite
  9. All Skratch hydration
  10. A loaded salad with all the toppings

10 Activities

  1. Running/Hiking
  2. Road biking
  3. Bike touring
  4. Mountain biking – Yes, they’re all different
  5. Stand-up paddle boarding
  6. Watching any sunrise or sunset, anywhere
  7. Bikram yoga
  8. Blogging
  9. Weight lifting
  10. Tennis


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