Week 2 & 3 : Weekly Workouts

week 2 and week 3 workouts

High level – I have been struggling to stay motivated. If you have suggestions for me, PLEASE comment below 🙂 Week 2 & Week 3 – Weekly workouts: I promised as part of my 2018 goals to share my weekly workouts regardless if I worked out or not. Basically, in the last two weeks, I’ve done two workouts (shown below) on TrainerRoad.

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dont quit your daydream

Week 1: Weekly Workouts  Guess what?! We finally joined a gym – YAY!! We have not belonged to a gym for about 15 months and I am SO excited to get back into the weight room. As part of my 2018 Goals, I want to get back in the gym & this is the first step (actually belonging to one), so definitely a step in the right direction.

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