40 Reasons to be Thankful

We all have so many reasons to be thankful! Obviously I am thankful for my friends and family – they truly are world class. I’m also thankful for these two cute boxer puppies we brought home in October – Mocha & Turbo! They have brightened our lives. And finally I’m thankful for my health and the ability to continuously support my body.

I thought I would come up with a list of 40 things that I am thankful for besides the above. Then I start thinking… I don’t want to come up with 40 literal ‘things’, I am thankful for things but also for activities and places too. I picked the four following categories: places, food/drinks, things, and finally, activities.

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Fresh Cranberry Pineapple Smoothie

I am so appreciative of all the healthy Thanksgiving side options from magazines, my other blogger friends, and, of course, Pinterest. Thanksgiving does not need to be filled with marshmallows and jello salad (yuck!). That said, I love all the Thanksgiving sides… even more than the turkey. However, I can’t get onboard with the canned cranberry sauce. My family always makes everything from scratch – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Blue Basket delivery included fresh cranberries. I wanted to use them for something non-traditional – something other than cranberry sauce – when I came up with the idea of putting them into a smoothie. Cranberries and lime juice go so well together. [So well, in fact, that when fresh cranberries are on sale (after Thanksgiving) I’m going to buy some and make a fresh cranberry margarita for the blog – so stay tuned.]

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Simple Spiced Wild Alaskan Salmon over Wild Rice

Enter wild Alaskan Salmon. Have you seen the difference in color between store bought salmon and wild salmon? It’s amazing. The store bought salmon is usually a light blush with a hint of orange. The wild salmon is truly salmon color (like the JCrew shorts).The color of wild salmon is about 100X more pleasing on the plate and for your tastebuds.

I’ve followed Salmon Sisters for years now but re-visited their website recently and found they sell fish – fish that they caught! They are very transparent about where the fish comes from, who processes it – even the captain of the boat. I’ve come to realize this type of transparency is common for these elite fishing companies. But for me, it’s such a different world than trying to choose from 50 blush colored salmon fillets at the grocery store that all look the same.

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NEW BIKE DAY!!!! Can you tell I’m excited? I am now the lucky owner of a 2018 Specialized Stumpjumper. I am not going to get all geeky and go through the specs because then no one would read my blog!

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