Whiskey Kombucha Cocktail

Love or hate kombucha? It’s always a strong feeling either way. Am I right? Well, I don’t hate it (I think it’s tastes like healthy beer) but I also don’t love it (not my first drink of choice), so does that make me in the middle? I try to drink it more often these days to keep my gut health in check. How do you feel about it? Comment below!

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Pomegranate Moscow Mule

pom moscow mule

Thanks to Moscow Muled for providing me with these amazing Moscow Mule Mugs and helping make this post possible! If you’re in search of the perfect holiday drink, please, look no further. This Pomegranate Moscow Mule is festive and SUPER EASY to make! I am obsessed with these moscow mule mugs . During recipe development, I realized there are two keys to the perfect moscow mule: Authentic Moscow Mule Mugs, duh Type of Ginger Beer Let me start with the mugs – these mugs are cute (who doesn’t love copper) & authentic! They hold temperatures extremely well. Like, really well. I made […]

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