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Easy Instant Pot Quinoa

Easy Instant Pot Quinoa

Easy Instant Pot Quinoa - Only 1 minute!


  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups water or broth (plus a little bit of extra)


  1. Turn on the IP Saute function (after you hit saute, you’ll see ‘on’, this means it’s heating up).  Add quinoa into Instant Pot

  2. When the display reads ‘hot’ (Instant Pot fully heated), set a timer for 5 minutes and occasionally stir the quinoa [Note: I’ve made this recipe without actually stirring at all and it turns out fine though stirring is best practice.]

  3. When the timer is done, cancel Saute and add water/broth plus a little extra liquid, a tablespoon or two

  4. Place lid on Instant Pot, make sure it’s properly sealed and add 1 minute on the manual setting

  5. When it’s complete, wait for the Instant Pot to completely depressurize (approximately 15-20 minutes). Open, fluff and serve!