Raspberry Mint Moscow Mule

Hello, to this Raspberry Mint Moscow Mule! So. Delicious. Ever since Moscow Mule Mugs sent me their mugs, I’ve been obsessed with moscow mules. The combinations are basically endless and I am loving it!

I always thought I never really liked ginger, but fever tree ginger beer is a real winner and it’s very gingery. In my Pomegranate Moscow Mule post I talked about why the ginger beer brand is important. (Mugs are obviously important too!) So now I think I do like ginger, in my drinks at least.

The combination of raspberry and mint are perfect in these Raspberry Mint Moscow Mules! In this recipe, blending is an important step to bring out the mint flavor. If you really like either mint or raspberries, feel free to increase the amount as the mint and raspberry flavors are subtle.

This Raspberry Mint Moscow Mule is sure to please on New Years Eve! I’ll be making a list of my top 5 drink recipes, so stayed tuned! You have been loving my drink recipes lately & I’ve really enjoyed creating them for you – Cheers!

Raspberry Mint Moscow Mule
Servings: 2 drinks
  • 4 oz vodka (I prefer Titos) [1/2 cup]
  • juice from 1 lime
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 12 rasberries [approximately 1/3 cup]
  • 10 ice cubes
  • 4 oz fever tree ginger beer [1/2 cup]
  1. Fill two Moscow Mule Mugs with ice [Note: ice for mugs excluded from recipe above]

  2. Blend together vodka, lime juice, raspberries, mint and 10 ice cubes until smooth

  3. Split the blended mixture between the two ice fill mugs. Pour ¼ cup ginger beer in each mug [Note if you have extra space in the mug, add more ice]

  4. Garnish with mint & raspberries, serve immediately!

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