I can’t believe it’s December already – November flew by! When Christmas decorations first appear in the store I always think Christmas is so far away…then, BOOM, December sneaks up and Christmas is just around the corner.

My December challenge was inspired by the book The Obesity Code by Jason Fung. Side note, a book overview is coming soon, I promise, November totally got away from me and I spent all month running!

Basically, at a high level, Mr. Fung suggests that obesity comes from insulin resistance. As such, he is a big advocate for fasting which ensures breaks in the insulin resistance cycle. He also advocates against snacking as it does not allow your insulin level to drop after each meal.

While I am not ready to fast, yet, this month’s challenge is eating between 9am and 7pm, a 10 hour window. My husband has agreed to do this challenge with me (YAY), so that should make it easier and more fun! This challenge will allow my body to have a 14 hour fast every day. I generally do my workouts first thing in the morning, so I’ll do enter my workout in a fasted state which will help me burn fat. I’ve noted the ‘rules’ below.

Rules for the December challenge:

  • No eating or drinking before 9am (except black coffee)
  • No eating or drinking after 7pm
  • Black coffee is allowed before 9am
  • Eat three meals per day
  • NO snacking

My first bite this morning was 9:08am – success!

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